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Thursday, 3 November 2016

#MemoirMadness Nov. 3rd.Age 3 yrs old.

Life was a never ending game,
I had a sister, a playmate, games were never the same. 

We played with the neighbour's kids, in each other's gardens.
Life was fun, with no limitations, until the wall.
The wall?
Yes, the wall!
My excuse?
Well, I was still small!
I thought I was superman, invincible and all that,
Well I had my cape! (Mum's old sheet)
I was as daft as a bat!

So this one day without a thought in my head,
I ran hell for leather towards "the wall!"

Arms outstretched - SNAP!
Hospital bed!
Bone snapped in two and sticking out of my arm,
Well I don't believe in doing things by halves, you know.... well where's the harm? :)

Except this was just before the Queen's Jubilee, when the Queen would be passing through our village - but not coming for tea. :)

It was all planned, plastic flags to wave and shout,
Only now we had a plaster cast and sling to add clout,
Still, we saw the Queen, we smiled and cheered,
And all was forgotten when she appeared.