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Hi there....

Hi there, How are you? Well, it's been quite a while since I rambled on a blog, so I thought it was time for a fresh start...and time t...

Thursday, 3 November 2016

#MemoirMadness Nov. 3rd.Age 3 yrs old.

Life was a never ending game,
I had a sister, a playmate, games were never the same. 

We played with the neighbour's kids, in each other's gardens.
Life was fun, with no limitations, until the wall.
The wall?
Yes, the wall!
My excuse?
Well, I was still small!
I thought I was superman, invincible and all that,
Well I had my cape! (Mum's old sheet)
I was as daft as a bat!

So this one day without a thought in my head,
I ran hell for leather towards "the wall!"

Arms outstretched - SNAP!
Hospital bed!
Bone snapped in two and sticking out of my arm,
Well I don't believe in doing things by halves, you know.... well where's the harm? :)

Except this was just before the Queen's Jubilee, when the Queen would be passing through our village - but not coming for tea. :)

It was all planned, plastic flags to wave and shout,
Only now we had a plaster cast and sling to add clout,
Still, we saw the Queen, we smiled and cheered,
And all was forgotten when she appeared.

#MemoirMadness Nov.2nd. Age 2 years old.

#Memoir Madness
Nov. 2nd.
Age 2 years old.

Eyes of blue and now aged two,
and what a year it was,
Great Aunt Ruby flew across the world, from the land of Oz,
She stayed a good while, to see family old and new,
I didn't see what all the fuss was about - well I was only two!

She liked to watch TV, but so did I,
So each time she changed the channel, I changed it back as she let out a sigh. :)

As time went on,
the best was yet to come,
My playpal, my bestie, my sister
was born that September.

I thought she was a playmate right from the start,
Lifting her out of her pram, to dress her like a doll, almost stopped my mother's heart.

Then just as my Mother was settling down to us two,
I was rushed into hospital with a great hullaballoo.
Unable to catch my breath,
I had my family scared half to death.

My Gran was handed my sister, a tiny babe of a few days old,
As they dashed to hospital, with me bundled up so as not to get cold.

My mother still recalls her thoughts to this day,
How she thought she'd gained a child only to lose the other in a matter of days.

I spent some time in an air tent and before too long,
I was out and ready to play another day.

Asthma was the cause, from german measles I recall,
but I was fine and dandy,
just needed medicine that's all.

#MemoirMadness Nov. 1st. Age 1.

Always being one to please,
Even as a bairn on my Great Aunt's knee,
Angelic blue eyes that could do no wrong,
Sat on her lap was where I belonged,

Family gathered together, a rare sight indeed,
Travelled for miles, a wedding to celebrate, together with a feed.

Each time she turned to chat & catch up on news,
Out came my dummy* - into her babycham it went, she never had a clue!

No one had the heart to tell,
her precious great niece was a little rebel.
They contained their laughter as they watched in disbelief,
As the dodie came out with perfect timing, then back in my mouth - so quick it beggared belief.

Great Aunt smiled at me,
sitting there merry as could be,
To the end of her days I don't think she ever knew,
the truth about her angelic niece with eyes of blue.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

The moment by Victoria Lewin

Time stands still....
the realization dawns... you're a carer.
A surge of love sent from above
surrounds you, surpassing any love you've ever known.

Closely followed by an overwhelming sense of relief that your loved one is still here.

Sheer panic and trepidation of the unknown road stretching out before you.

Met with courageous strength and a determination to keep going...no matter what.

Love will always find a way.



Hi there....

Hi there,
How are you? Well, it's been quite a while since I rambled on a blog, so I thought it was time for a fresh start...and time to ramble once more. :)

I'm Victoria Lewin. 

Master of juggling many hats, which include being a carer, a mammi, trying to raise awareness for young carers, raise awareness of the rare condition I.H., author, blogger...all while living with illness and disability myself.
I don't let it get me down, after all, it's enabled me to see life from many perspectives, all of which I hope to show you on here.
So grab a cuppa, get comfy and we'll have a natter. :)