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Thursday, 3 November 2016

#MemoirMadness Nov. 1st. Age 1.

Always being one to please,
Even as a bairn on my Great Aunt's knee,
Angelic blue eyes that could do no wrong,
Sat on her lap was where I belonged,

Family gathered together, a rare sight indeed,
Travelled for miles, a wedding to celebrate, together with a feed.

Each time she turned to chat & catch up on news,
Out came my dummy* - into her babycham it went, she never had a clue!

No one had the heart to tell,
her precious great niece was a little rebel.
They contained their laughter as they watched in disbelief,
As the dodie came out with perfect timing, then back in my mouth - so quick it beggared belief.

Great Aunt smiled at me,
sitting there merry as could be,
To the end of her days I don't think she ever knew,
the truth about her angelic niece with eyes of blue.

1 comment:

  1. Oh My! How transcendently beautiful! Now I only wish to see a photo of those eyes but surely I see them in my own imagination! Love the words, especially, "bairn!"