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Thursday, 3 November 2016

#MemoirMadness Nov.2nd. Age 2 years old.

#Memoir Madness
Nov. 2nd.
Age 2 years old.

Eyes of blue and now aged two,
and what a year it was,
Great Aunt Ruby flew across the world, from the land of Oz,
She stayed a good while, to see family old and new,
I didn't see what all the fuss was about - well I was only two!

She liked to watch TV, but so did I,
So each time she changed the channel, I changed it back as she let out a sigh. :)

As time went on,
the best was yet to come,
My playpal, my bestie, my sister
was born that September.

I thought she was a playmate right from the start,
Lifting her out of her pram, to dress her like a doll, almost stopped my mother's heart.

Then just as my Mother was settling down to us two,
I was rushed into hospital with a great hullaballoo.
Unable to catch my breath,
I had my family scared half to death.

My Gran was handed my sister, a tiny babe of a few days old,
As they dashed to hospital, with me bundled up so as not to get cold.

My mother still recalls her thoughts to this day,
How she thought she'd gained a child only to lose the other in a matter of days.

I spent some time in an air tent and before too long,
I was out and ready to play another day.

Asthma was the cause, from german measles I recall,
but I was fine and dandy,
just needed medicine that's all.

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  1. How scary and glad it was just a childhood memory and not a long-term illness! And Grandma is there with her pretty eyes again! Really love her!